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We are Number 1 Pole dancing classes Chicago  . We have a group of professional dance trainers. There are many of our trainers who are entitled to international level medals. If you have decided that you want to be a pole dancer then you can read our blog and join us.We promise you that we will not disappoint you. We will make you a professional quality pole dancer.We have this belief because we have created many professional pole dancers from these.We  has become very popular since 2020. There are a lot of people who have tried it once in addition to sports, and there is no one who has not heard the word pole dancing. But I haven’t seen much detail about this anywhere so we will discuss it in this blog in a very perfect way so that there is no hesitation in making a decision. Here we will talk about some new and fun facts about this dance that many people do not know.

Lets Starts With Pole Dancing Classes Chicago

pole dancing classes Chicago

After a long period of testing on almost all people, it has been found that this does not matter what kind of gender, age does not matter. If your body allows it, then you can master it effortlessly.
Now one thing may come to your mind that it is very easy then. Not easy at all, especially for newcomers pole dancing is a passion but it has to be very tolerant to master.
Now what do you think can be done, in the case of those of us who have been coming here in the past, we have come across some differences, some of which are that some are improving very fast and some are improving a little slowly. Some people have mastered the dance direction very well before, but we have not been able to improve such a person. So you can either a little early or a little slow.

The results are not the same for everyone whose results depend on your time and effort, you will get exactly the result as much as you try. And especially for newcomers, it is not only a dance but also a test of willpower and spirit.

Some Elements For Newcomers To Pole Dance

I have said a lot about pole dance Classes Chicago . Now I think that you have made a conscious decision to do pole dancing, so let’s talk a little bit about what you need.

2.Splitting (slingshot)
4.Twist “Frog”
Ini Martini (entrance to the element from the floor)

Let me tell you an interesting fact.
An estimated average of 5 to 6 percent of students continue to practice pole dancing after the first lesson. It’s a lot of fun. No wonder love works at first sight here.

pole dancing classes chicago
Pole dancing classes Chicago

Anyone who has tried this dance once has understood very well how it can be used in life. First of all I would like to say that you can go out to workout to stay fit, or have a circle with your family members to have a great time so that your pole dancing will be very fun and exciting.
Many of us have seen them do to control themselves and lose weight. You can start now and after a few years you will want to see yourself as a local or international champion.

One of the advantages of this pole dancing is that wherever you go, there is a separate participation of newcomers in each section. So your results will be of very good quality as new.

Plus you can start your own pole fitness Chicago studio as a mentor for full time.

What Are The Difficulties For Newcomers In Preparing For Dance

Many people jokingly say that pole dancing Classes Chicago is a very complicated subject, and many pole dancers themselves say after the first class that it is a very complex job. It has been observed in many cases that after the first class, the fear was working in the second class, but when the three classes are over, the fear among them no longer works but they enjoy it. However, pole dancing is not an easy task at once, but it is not impossible at once.

The hardest thing for newcomers to pole dancing is to continue their work without accepting the first few class rates, to give themselves time without accepting defeat. It takes a trainer dozens of hours to bring this morale to newcomers.

phicago pole dancing class

There may be other minor problems during pole dancing, such as an injury to the pole and a slight skin rash. Because when dancing pole, your body is always focused on the pole, so there may be a little problem in the beginning, but over time, your skills will improve and your problems will go away.The first 2 months you have to endure a little pain then these pains will gradually go away and there will be no more obstacles in improving your skills.

Another problem for newcomers is laziness, which means this laziness will interrupt you again and again so that you avoid pole dancing. By doing this you are slowly moving away from your goal. It will be very important for you not to miss your studio visit in the beginning, especially when you are with a group. By doing this, you will have to take extra classes again for the session that you will miss.

For newcomers, it may seem unusual to dance in pole dance attire at first, but later it will become a regular habit to dance in pole dance attire and stylish clothes.

Can a man join pole dancing classes Chicago?

pole dancing

The whole world is now looking at equal rights, if you notice a little that women are going into space, sitting in different high-ranking chairs. But when it comes to pole dancing, male society is still obsessed with that previous superstition.
But we want to remind you that pole dancing is for everyone. Every year many men from different communities come to pole dancing and they are not too worried about gender.

Well have you heard the name of pole dancer Matty Shields, well I mean she is an Australian pole dancer. He once said in a TV interview that pole dancing is now seen as a dance for girls. It is still the main dance of the girl.

Mattie Shields R. says that since this dance centers on a pole, men can perform it very well because men have a lot of energy. So pole dancing is not just a girl, it is a part of a boys dance. 

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