pole dance

Pole Dance Is More Then Magnificence Of Mind And Spirit

We are a Chicago based pole dance training center and dance studio. We don’t just teach you to pole dance, we build your confidence, your strength and your self-awareness.

We have appointed for you a beautiful place, and that place is very holy. Here at us we ensure that a woman can pursue her goals while maintaining her independence. And they can worship here as they like.

Our pole dancing classes Chicago studio incorporates floor, pole and chair work and through dance and movement, we guide women to reclaim their voice and their strength.

There are people around us who call us very good coaches or teachers. In doing so, we like to think of ourselves as sexy senses dedicated to guiding every woman to reveal the sexiest, most confident version of herself. We take great pleasure in doing such work.

This is our promise and goal.

Director, CEO, daughter, sister, mother, lover, giver of the ultimate gift: life. They are roles we play beautifully.

with pride But these are roles we often happily lose ourselves in Inside these walls, we stick to expectations and limitations (of course we do, yes, we wear stripper heels while we do it).

Through the heart-soul-opening art of sensual dance and movement, we learn to embrace and empower ourselves with what we’ve been taught to keep caged and invisible.

Temptress Conspirator Temptress Siren is the woman who seeks pleasure as unapologetic ally and proudly as any man.

We remind our bodies that they are capable of creating shapes and movements that send shivers up our spine and through our core.

Fear of their own power. Mesmerized by the body we learn to love. A body designed to experience ecstasy.

With every arch of our back, every climb, dip and pirouette, we become more acutely aware of the parts of us that are reawakening — the parts we thought we’d never feel or even wanted to feel again.

It’s an evolution and a revolution as we step into becoming a woman who finally feels free to stop trying to please everyone else and start learning to please herself.

He is building inside you. A well threatens to overflow. His voice is getting louder. He is ready to be unstoppable